Do’s and Don’ts of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Proper maintenance is very crucial to acquire the most durable swimming pool. Well, maintenance is required for security or safety and to prevent any unpleasant impact from inappropriate chemicals and bacteria to protect your family’s health. Moreover, there are several professional agencies are available to help you to keep your pool well maintained.
Before start cleaning your pool, you have to several things like what to do or no to do for the maintenance of the swimming pool. Here are few simple tips for do’s and don’ts for pool maintenance.


•    First of all, buy a high-quality test kit to test PH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity and sanitizer level. PH is the measure of the movement of the hydrogen ion, water with a pH<7 is acidic and with a pH>7 is basic. It is advisable to buy that one, who have a cyanuric acid test and informs you that what type and amount of product are required to balance the water. It always considered as one of the most basic requirements for pool maintenance.
•    Always try to remove all the trash, pool toys, and other outside elements on a daily basis. Also, clean the filter basket and pump parts.
•    best pool vacuum play an important role during can Vacuum your swimming pool at least once in a week. Scrub the pool’s wall and floor to avoid the growth of algae. Remember that chemical balance is essential for its maintenance. If you have a complaint of red and burning eyes, then carry your pool’s water for testing. It may be possible that the water of your pool has algae, unpleasant smell, etc. So always make sure that water of your pool is completely clean.
•    You can also use heater check to wipe out the calcium build up by using an acid and proper wire brushes.


•    Don’t ever try to mix up different types of chlorine.
•    Take petroleum products and acids away from chlorine.
•    Do not exhaust the pool without proper directions and care as or else your pool might break on account of hydrostatic.
•    Do not construct your pool where is there are a group of trees and plants around. It will make your pool’s water dirty its dirt particles. What is around or near around your pool can also raise the issues for a swimming pool. For example, trees and plants. What they drop may obtain into the pool and even cause harm to the filters and other pool equipment.
Pool maintenance must consist of up gradation among add-ons to make the swimming pool an enjoyable and memorable experience. Some of the examples are, pool lighting, solar garden lighting, LED pool lighting system, flush mount chrome lights, fiber optic perimeter and feature lighting, etc. They all features can enhance the appearance of your swimming pool. You can also add a lap pool, spa, a shallow beach area, water features, swim jets, automatic water top up systems, etc. to acquiring the most pleasant and pleasurable swimming experience.liza-cleaning-swimming-pool